The duties of the Finnish Food Authority focus on both national and international issues. We are an active participant in the collaborative network that operates under the administrative branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and we collaborate very closely with other EU member states and EU bodies.

Our work

  • is organised in a well-functioning manner
  • is inspiringly managed
  • challenges our expertise daily
  • is socially rewarding.

We invest in the development of expertise and leadership, as well as in top-quality management work.

Our staff includes experts and professionals from various fields, such as animal disease experts, agriculture and forestry experts, food safety and monitoring professionals, and meat inspection and slaughterhouse hygiene professionals.

Our Authority has multiple offices all across Finland:

  • offices in nearly 20 locations
  • head office in Seinäjoki
  • largest office in Helsinki
  • other major offices: Loimaa, Kuopio and Oulu
  • around one hundred meat inspection employees in municipalities that feature significant slaughterhouse clusters.

Career opportunities

All open positions are announced on the service. The Finnish Food Authority’s open positions can be found on the service using the appropriate ID number or job title. You can also submit an open application on the service. You can monitor for any open positions by using the service’s job search alert function.


Every year, we offer dozens of internship positions for prospective higher education interns.

Please note that regular, unprotected e-mail is not secure. Send confidential or otherwise sensitive documents to the Finnish Food Authority in the security message service (Turvaviesti). You can also send large file attachments in Turvaviesti.

Page last updated 10/24/2022