Sheep, goat and pig registers will be renewed

March 29/2024

The Finnish Food Authority is redesigning the register of sheep, goats and pigs to better serve the changed needs of legislation, stakeholders and the technology environment. The three-year project will implement new services for users to make statutory notifications and maintain even more reliable register information. At the same time, the authorizations provided by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) will be implemented in the registers.

The purpose of the redesign is to replace the current registers and implement new user interfaces for managing orders for statutory notifications and identifiers. The new registers will be implemented based on the cattle register introduced in year 2022 and the project will make use of the functions and user interface of the cattle register, considering the requirements of the legislation. The new registers include service and official user interfaces as well as renewed interfaces for stakeholders. The current registers and interfaces will be disabled with the implementation of new registers.

In connection with the redesign, the service bus will be introduced more widely. With authorizations, animal keepers can a company to report or browse their data in the register. The introduction of the service bus and new interface services will require measures from existing interface users. The Finnish Food Authority will inform about the new interface services and implementation of the authorization in more detail later.

The renewal will begin with the Sheep and Goat Register, for which the revised registers will be introduced towards the end of year 2025. The renewal of the pig register will begin during year 2025, and the target schedule for implementation will be by the end of year 2026.

The development of the registers of sheep, goats and pigs will contribute to ensuring Finland's good animal disease situation and promote animal welfare and food safety. Up-to-date register information is also a prerequisite for successful payments of agricultural subsidies.

The progress of the project will be announced on the Finnish Food Authority's website.

More information:

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