We offer our customers the information available to us on the requirements of different countries of destination and contact details to the authorities in the country of destination. Our source of information can be for example the webpages on imports of the country of destination, their contact details and the legislation regulating the import of pets to the country of destination.

As we are not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the information (if for example the website of the country of destination is in need of updating), the client is responsible for checking that the information is accurate with for example the relevant authority of the country of destination or the recipient of the pet or the embassy in Finland of the country in question. When needed, we will help the enquirer to find the address for the helpdesk of the authority of the country of destination.

The Finnish Food Authority does not offer general animal health certificate models for the export of pets to countries outside the EU.

If the country of destination requests declaration regarding the competence of the official veterinarian who issued the export certificate, the declaration will be provided by the Finnish Food Authority, if necessary. Declaration is not granted in advance before the export of the pet. If you need declaration, please contact:

First, make yourself acquainted with the material on the Food Authority's website. If Customer service person.needed, you can contact the helpdesk for pet exports (outside the EU). You can also send an e-mail directly to the address We will answer your questions in the order we receive them as expediently as possible.

Page last updated 2/6/2024