Make a booking with your veterinarian

If the export requires vaccinations and official certificates you should book an appointment with the municipal or city veterinarian in your area. In Finland only official veterinarians (municipal or city veterinarians) can issue official health certificates related to animal health within their jurisdiction. Private veterinarians do not issue official certificates. If official certificates are not required, you can also book an appointment with a private veterinarian.

Send the requirements for export to the veterinarian for them to assess and get acquainted with them, preferably well ahead of time. Sometimes the requirements of the country of destination can be such that they prohibit the export of a pet from Finland to the country of destination. Then a health certificate cannot be issued and it is not possible to export the pet to the country of destination. 

Book an appointment early enough so that all of the vaccinations and withdrawal periods and necessary documents are in order before the trip!

If the pet returns to Finland or elsewhere within the EU, or has to be returned to Finland for some reason due to deficiencies discovered during the border inspection in the country of destination, the pet has to have a pet passport. We recommend EU pet passports for all travelling pets!

Page last updated 1/17/2019