Organising transports

Information on organising transport from Finland to countries outside the EU is found on the pages of for example International Pet and Animal Transportation Association IPATA.where you can look for businesses specialised in animal transports in the country of departure. The member businesses of IPATA offer animal transport services, for example air cargo services, travel bookings, export clearance, advice and transport boxes for animals. International Air Transport Association On the pages of IATA you will also find the requirements of different countries for pet travel.   

Pets on Finnair flights                               

Transporting animals (Finavia) 


Pet transportation services (Travelcargo)

Airplane's wings.



When planning the trip, you should note the possibility that depending on the mode of transport only certain border inspection posts may be used in the country of destination (e.g. airports)!

Page last updated 7/23/2021