Vaccination advice

Finnish Food Authority provides advice for veterinarians on veterinary vaccines. Finnish Food Authority provides animal species-specific vaccination advice and maintains vaccination recommendations. The purpose of Finnish Food Authority's recommendations is to assist veterinarians - they are not binding regulations and do not relieve veterinarians from case-by-case consideration and responsibility. Recommendations are neither orders nor prohibitions.

Finnish Food Authority's vaccination advice for veterinarians

Veterinary Virology, Helsinki

Finnish Food Authority's species-specific vaccination advice for veterinarians

Fish, pigs, poultry

Veterinary Bacteriology and Pathology, national telephone switchboard +358 29 530 0400

Fur animals

Veterinary Virology, Helsinki

Cats, dogs, horses

Veterinary Virology, Helsinki

Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea, vaccination authorisation procedures and adverse drug effects

Switchboard +358 29 522 3341

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