Right to work as a veterinarian

In Finland, one may practice the veterinary profession only if one is authorized as a veterinarian in Finland or if one has a temporary right to practice. Practicing the veterinary profession is regulated in the Act on Access to and Pursuit of the Profession of Veterinary Surgeon (29/2000). According to 2 § of the Act, only a person who has the right to practice veterinary medicine may decide on the animal's veterinary examination, diagnosis, treatment, and medication. However, scientific, experimental, and educational animal activities are regulated separately.

If you suspect that a person other than a veterinarian is performing veterinary procedures on animals, you can report the matter by e-mail to elainlaakarit@ruokavirasto.fi. The notification should include a brief description of the events, the name of the person subject to the notification, and the contact information of the notifier. As a result of the notification, Finnish Food Authority can, if necessary, make an investigation request to the police regarding the unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine. Unauthorized practice of veterinary profession can lead to a fine or imprisonment for a maximum of three months.

Page last updated 5/11/2023