Animal welfare inspections based on suspicion 2009

Official veterinarians conducted more than 3,200 animal welfare inspections due to suspected violations in 2009. Neglect of animal welfare regulations was found in every other case, whereupon actions were taken in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. As in previous years, most severe cases of neglect concerned companion animals.

Approximately 1,700 of the inspections involved production animals and 1,500 pertained to companion animals. More than 80% of the inspections for companion animals concerned cats and dogs, while conditions for cattle (45%) and horses (23%) were the most common targets for the inspections conducted on production animals.

An order for the rectification of the animals’ condition within the prescribed period to the minimum level allowed by the relevant regulations was issued in 46% of the inspections of production animals and in 34% of the inspections of companion animals. Immediate action to ensure the welfare of the animals was taken in 4% of the inspections targeting production animals and in 15% of the inspections for companion animals. The results are similar to those of previous years.