Notifications and accounting

Registration in the monitoring register

Economic operators must, before starting to manufacture, market or import fertiliser products, submit a written start-up notification to the Finnish Food Authority. The notification must include information about the products and a description of the organisation of operations and the quality system. A written notification must also be submitted for changes in or the discontinuation of operations.

As a rule, notifications must be submitted through the Touko e-service. Before signing in to Touko, companies must authorise their designated service user in the service. The authorised person must sign in to Touko through e-Identification at Notifications can also be submitted using the Finnish Food Authority’s forms.

The price of a registration is lower when using the Touko e-service than when using a form.

Accounting and annual notification

Economic operators must maintain a file to ensure the traceability of products. The file must include the purchases and origin of fertiliser products and their raw materials, the volumes of manufactured products, the transfer of products, and storage locations. In addition, accounts of the import and export volumes of products and raw materials must be maintained.

Once a year, economic operators must provide the Finnish Food Authority with information about fertiliser products manufactured or placed on the market. The annual notification must be submitted to the Finnish Food Authority at the beginning of the year following the operating year. Instructions on how to submit the notification are published on the Finnish Food Authority’s website at the end of the year.

Page last updated 12/12/2022