The chain from field to fork begins with seed. Using certified, i.e. officially inspected and approved seed, guarantees a high quality crop.

Certified seed is as follows:

  • True to variety
  • Free of wild oats
  • High-germinating
  • Free of harmful weed seeds
  • Free of harmful plant diseases

All seed marketed in Finland must be certified. The Finnish Food Authority inspects and supervises the quality of seed used in Finland. It also examines their quality through laboratory tests. These activities are performed under the Seed Act and the subsequent Decrees by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Stages of seed certification

  • Field inspection
  • Post control test
  • Seed sampling
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Seed packaging company license
  • Seed lot certification and labelling
  • Market control of seed trade


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Page last updated 3/31/2020