For travellers about African swine fever

Travellers entering Finland from abroad have an important role in keeping Finland free from African swine fever and similar animal diseases transmissible by foods, goods and people.

African swine fever (ASF) is a highly contagious and fatal haemorrhagic fever of domestic pigs, wild boar and mini-pigs. The disease does not affect humans. Cases of African swine fever have been reported in several neighbouring countries of Finland and many other European countries. African swine fever has never been detected in Finland.

African swine fever spreads via pigs and wild boar, raw and insufficiently cooked meat products and items contaminated by the ASF virus. The virus causing the disease is highly resistant in the environment and this makes it extremely contagious. There is no vaccine or cure to combat African swine fever. All pigs on an infected farm must be killed to eradicate the disease. The disease poses a major economic threat to Finland´s pig farming and meat industry.


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What travellers need to know about African swine fever (ASF) (narrated in Finnish, subtitles in English and Russian)


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