Vegetables, fruit and berries

Vegetables, potatoes, berries and fruit are high in vitamins and minerals as well as other health-promoting substances. They contain some carbohydrates and dietary fibre but only small amounts of energy, fat and proteins.

Have vegetables, fruit and berries several times a day

The more colourful your food is, the better! Eat at least five handfuls of vegetables, berries and fruit a day. This amount does not include potatoes. You should eat some of your vegetables uncooked. Oil-based dressings add juiciness and flavour to salads and grated vegetables. Eating berries and fruit whole is better than juicing them.

Potatoes can be served in many ways

Preferably have your potatoes boiled, mashed or baked without added fat. Instead of potato, you can use whole grain rice, brown pasta and other cooked cereal products. A boiled potato contains less energy than a similar amount of boiled rice or pasta. Keep potatoes fried in fat, different types of cream potatoes, French fries and potato chips and other similar products for special occasions.


Page last updated 3/27/2019