Whole grain products

Cereal products are important sources of energy, carbohydrates and protein. Whole grain products, and especially rye bread and whole grain porridges, are excellent sources of fibre and high in B vitamins and minerals.

Eat whole grain bread and porridge

Whole grain products should be part of almost every meal. Include low-salt whole grain bread in your diet, especially rye bread and other cereal products, such as porridge or muesli.

If you have a sweet tooth, choose yeast buns and pies made with yeast dough for your everyday treats. You should not eat baked goods that contain high quantities of hidden saturated fats, such as biscuits, Danish pastries, tarts with a shortbread crust, savoury pasties made with puff pastry and deep fat fried pies every day.

Page last updated 3/27/2019