The plate model

The plate model guides you towards a healthy diet

The plate model helps you to put together a balanced meal. It is also excellent for giving you an idea of the basic elements of the recommended diet.

Fill one half of your plate with vegetables, for example grated and cooked vegetables and salads. About one quarter of the plate should be filled with potato. You can replace potato with rice, pasta or other cereal products. About one quarter of the plate is left for a fish, meat or egg dish, which you can replace by a vegetarian dish containing legumes, nuts or seeds. Drink fat-free milk, buttermilk or water with your meal. A slice of wholegrain bread with a thin layer of soft vegetable fat spread is also part of the meal. The meal is complemented by a dessert of berries or fruit. You can also have the dairy product and dessert as a snack at a different time of the day.

The plate model works well regardless of your portion size. Meals in keeping with the model can be put together with many types of foods, either home-cooked or ready-made dishes. See the pictures in the brochure for ideas of how you can add variety to your diet while keeping a proper balance between different foods as indicated by the plate model.

the plate model

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