Electronic identification required from private customers when ordering paid laboratory tests starting 1 January 2023

December 1/2022

From the beginning of 2023, the Finnish Food Authority’s private customers will be required to identify themselves electronically when ordering laboratory tests that are subject to a fee. The change is based on the State Treasury’s requirement (VK/1275/ to enter private customers’ identity codes in the customer register if the customer is subject to sales invoicing.

The Finnish Food Authority laboratory sends a text message to private customers who have ordered a paid test to the telephone number indicated in their test referral. The text message includes a link for the customer to identify themselves in the Suomi.fi service, for example using online banking codes. In connection with identification, the customer’s required information is transferred to the Finnish Food Authority’s customer register. If the customer has used other electronic government services, the necessary information may already be in the register, in which case the request for identification will not be sent.

Electronic identification applies for private customers who have a Finnish personal identity code. Private customers, who do not have Finnish personal identity code, are required to identify themselves by filling in their date of birth to the test referral.

If a private customer does not identify themselves in accordance with the instructions, the test results they have ordered cannot be delivered to them. Identification will be requested from private customers only a single time once the requirement has entered into force. Personal identity codes are only used for invoicing purposes, and the processing of personal identity codes complies with the Data Protection Act (section 29) (in finnish).

Electronic identification is not required of business customers, and the business ID indicated in the test request is sufficient for identification.

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