Finnish Food Authority's laboratory to send results of samples it has examined by secure e-mail from 1 January 2021

December 4/2020

From 1 January 2021, the Finnish Food Authority will send laboratory's analysis certificates via secure e-mail when e-mail has been selected as their delivery method. This is to better ensure our customers' information security. The change will have no effect on analysis certificates sent by post.

You will receive a notification on the arrival of a secure e-mail message to your e-mail inbox. The notification will contain a link to the actual message, which you can read in the web browser. You will not need to sign into the service separately to read the message.

Save the message and its attachments to your device as soon as you have opened the secure e-mail message. Please note that the message must be opened within 30 days.

Opening a secure e-mail message will be restricted in accordance with the cookie data of the browser in which the message was opened for the first time. If you need to reopen the message later on using another browser or terminal device, or if more than one person needs to be able to open the message, for example from a joint e-mail account, you must use a password to lock the message.

The message will be stored on a secure e-mail server for a period of 30 days, after which it will be automatically deleted. You must download and save the message and its attachments for later use.

Instructions on the use of secure e-mail for Finnish Food Authority laboratory customers (pdf)