The Finnish Food Authority advises caution when importing dogs from Norway

September 12/2019

Norwegian food authorities warn dog owners of an unidentified disease that has killed more than 20 dogs in Norway. Symptoms of the disease include violent and sudden bloody diarrhoea and vomiting and a worsening of the dogs’ overall health. It remains unclear whether the cases of death are related, or whether the disease is contagious. As a safety precaution, the Finnish Food Authority advises that where possible, owners refrain from bringing dogs from Norway to Finland and vice versa.  No signs of a similar epidemic have so far been observed in Finland.

The Finnish Food Authority is monitoring the situation and will announce more information as needed.

Further information:
Senior Inspector Virva Valle
+358 40 489 3359, travel regulations
Senior Researcher Outi Simola
+358 50 462 7862, pathological veterinary research of pets