Ecotoxicological analyses

The quality and safety of organic fertilizer products are controlled in accordance with the legislation on fertilizer products. The laboratory at the Plant Analytics Unit of the Finnish Food Authority performs tests for phyto- and ecotoxicity that define the quality of organic fertilizer products. These studies include, for example, biotests for the germination capacity and growth of various plant species. Also, the laboratory assesses the maturity and stability of soil improvers by microbe-based analyses.

In analytics involving soil improvers and growing media, the laboratory serves as pioneer for developing toxicological methods, through participation in the European Commission’s CEN workgroups, and in research projects that by means of biotests study the quality and environmental impacts of soil improvers and growing media (for example, compost).

In addition to statutory analysis, the laboratory also offers analysis services subject to fees.

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Page last updated 2/20/2024