Food examinations

The Finnish Food Authority examines food products for their chemical and microbiological safety as well as their nutritional, technical and sensory quality. Most of the food studies carried out by the Finnish Food Authority relate to monitoring programmes and research projects carried out nationally and coordinated by the EU. In addition, analyses are performed for various operators within the food business for the purpose of implementing self-monitoring. Analyses commissioned by food business operators and private customers performed by the Finnish Food Authority are subject to a fee.

The focus of microbiological examinations is in the foodborne-pathogen analytics not available in local laboratories conducting food testing. The Finnish Food Authority conducts testing related to determining the sources of food-poisoning epidemics, and further studies in order to resolve cases of process contamination in food production lines.  

Food control is mainly carried out in municipalities. Therefore, if you suspect the chemical or microbiological safety or quality of a food product, you should primarily contact the food control authority in your own municipality. It is also good to give feedback directly to the relevant company.

From 1 January 2021, the Finnish Food Authority will send laboratory's analysis certificates via secure e-mail when e-mail has been selected as their delivery method (news, December 4th, 2020).

Instructions on the use of secure e-mail for Finnish Food Authority laboratory customers (pdf)

Page last updated 1/22/2021