E-commerce and other distance sales

What is meant by distance selling?

Distance selling means any type of sales activity in which the seller and the buyer conclude the purchase agreement without meeting face to face. Such distance selling methods include

  • sales via the internet, such as e-commerce
  • sales via mobile applications
  • sales via social media, such as REKO sales via Facebook and other channels
  • mail order sales
  • orders accepted by phone
  • text messaging
  • order forms in newspapers, magazines and sales flyers.

The method of delivery of the product is irrelevant. Even if the parties agree that the buyer will collect the product from the shop, the sale is a distance sale if the purchase contract has been concluded without face-to-face contacts.

Read more about the definition of distance selling on the website of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (When is a sale a distance sale? (in Finnish)).

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Page last updated 8/16/2022