Biological risks of raw milk produced in Finland

This project provides a risk profile for governmental use. It identifies and describes potential biological hazards of raw cow and goat milk produced in Finland from consumer´s point of view. The project will also describe options available for risk management.

Background to the project: some amendments are being planned to national regulations concerning control of primary production. Changes to the stipulation on direct sale from the farms are under consideration.


Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, Hygiene Unit and Microbiology Research Unit University of Helsinki, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Research team

Jonna Perkiömäki, Researcher
Pirkko Tuominen, Senior Researcher



Project funding

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Further information

Pirkko Tuominen,


Tuominen P, Perkiömäki J, Leimi A
Risk Profile on Biological Hazards in Finnish Raw Milk, FoodMicro 2012, 3.-7.9.2012 Istanbul, Turkey.

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