Detection and elimination of viruses from process environment

The aim of the project was to improve the risk control of viruses in the food chain and to develop practical methods for eliminating the viruses from the processes and products. This was carried out by surveying the risk factors for virus contamination in the production process, analysing the stages in food production that have shown to be prone to virus contamination risks and by developing methods of analysis for these and developing methods of risk management as to virus contamination.

Research Group

Technology Manager Niklas Von Weymarn (VTT)
Senior Researcher Pirkko Tuominen
Senior Researcher Jukka Ranta
Researcher Jonna Perkiömäki
Research Assistant Antti Mikkelä 
Intern Hanne Koivunen
Researcher Marjaana Rättö (VTT)
Researcher Irina Tsitko (VTT)
Researcher Satu Salo (VTT)
Research Assistant Taina Holm (VTT)
Researcher Leena Maunula (University of Helsinki)
Researcher Maria Rönnqvist (University of Helsinki)
Chief Laboratory Technician Rauha Mustonen (University of Helsinki)


2009 - 2012

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Additional information on the project

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