Formation of food safety in supply-consumption chain

Food safety risks were charted along the fish production chain from processing to consumption. Viewpoints taken in the project were 

  • chain management
  • consumer behaviour
  • industrial organisation

The significance of consumer behaviour was evaluated, and their notions about food safety were studied. In the course of the project, also food safety costs for the producer were evaluated.

Research group

Jukka Peltola (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Pirkko Tuominen (Evira)
Kirsi-Maarit Siekkinen (Evira)


Quality Strategy Research of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, EELA/Evira and MTT Agrifood Research Finland
Siekkinen, K.-M. & Tuominen, P. 2006. Omavalvontakustannukset kala-alan laitoksissa [Own-checking costs in fish processing plants]. Eläinlääkäripäivät 1-3.11. 2006, Helsinki. Proceedings p. 269.
Tuominen, P. & Siekkinen, K.-M. 2006. Hygiene-related Costs at Fish-processing Plants. COST Action 920 Final meeting. Conference on future challenges to foodborne zoonosis, Poster presented 10–12.9.2006 Saint-Brieuc - Ploufragan, France.


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