Enhancing food safety and productivity in fish production

This project is conducted by Evira, the Finnish Meat Industry’s Research Center (LTK) and Finnish fish industry. It aims at improving the guidelines for safe production of preservatives, for example, and preparing a guide for evaluation and management of risks related to manufacturing fish products.

In addition, examples are given on the impacts of risks on own checking, and the guidelines will be designed to meet the requirements of product development and assessing product safety at minor fish industry plants.

The project also will prepare a risk profile describing problem areas of food hygienic risks related to fishing products being produced in Finland. A survey and introduction of practical tools particularly applicable to risk management at small and medium-sized enterprises will also be studied.

The project promotes product safety, and the trust of consumers for fish products will improve.

Research group

Pirkko Tuominen Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira
Marjatta Rahkio Finnish Meat Research Institute LTK


2008 -2010

Project funding

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: National Quality Strategy for the Finnish food sector

Project publications

Kalavalmisteiden turvallinen myyntiaika. Loppuraportti

Further information

Pirkko Tuominen, pirkko.tuominen@foodauthority.fi

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