Salmonella in the beef production chain – a quantitative risk assessment

The salmonella risk for the Finnish consumers through beef and beef-derived products available in Finland is assessed. The effects of the interventions due to the national salmonella control programme will be examined. The assessment covers the production chain from primary production (alive animals) to consumer.

Research group

Pirkko Tuominen (Evira) Jukka Ranta (Evira) Riitta Maijala (Evira)


2001 - 2008



Further information on the project

Pirkko Tuominen, Jukka Ranta,


Ranta J, Tuominen P, Siekkinen K-M, Mikkelä A.  Bayesian Methods in Food Safety Risk Assessment, Hierarchical Models and Markov Chain Monte Carlo. 2 - 5.6.2011, Greece.

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