Cost-benefit analysis of risk management measures and assessment of the areal risk to plant health

The aim of the project is to enable better allocation of pest risk management resources based on a) the cost-effectiveness of the measures, and b) the areal differences in pest risk. The cost-effectiveness of the measures will be assessed using a cost-benefit analysis. Both the official plant health checks and the measures carried out by the producers will be considered. The areal differences in pest risk will be studied by analyzing the spatial aggregation of the places of production of different crop plants. The aim is to locate the areas where the probability of entry and establishment of quarantine pests is highest, and where the threatened value of production is especially high.

Research team

Juha Tuomola (Finnish Food Authority)
Salla Hannunen (Finnish Food Authority)
Tapani Lyytikäinen (Finnish Food Authority)
Hanna Huitu (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Jaakko Heikkilä (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Kauko Koikkalainen (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Antti Miettinen (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Laura Kitti (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Irene Vänninen (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Asko Hannukkala (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Kari Tiilikkala (Natural Resources Institute Finland)


2014 - 2017


The Development Fund of Agriculture and Forestry (Makera), Natural Resources Institute Finland and Finnish Food Authority

Project publications

Tuomola J, Yemshanov D, Huitu H, Hannunen S. 2018. Mapping risks of pest invasion based on the spatio-temporal distributions of hosts. Management of Biological Invasions 9 (2): 115-126. DOI:

Further information

Project presentations

Pest risk mapping based on spatial and temporal distribution of production (IPRRG, 10th Annual Meeting, 23-26th of August 2016, Parma, Italy)
Pest-generic risk mapping based on spatial distribution of production (Joint  EFSA-EPPO Workshop: Modelling in Plant Health, 12-14th of December 2016, Parma, Italy)

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