Enhancement of efficiency of plant health inspection, risk assessment and control of healthy plant production by adoption of a broad spectrum diagnostic approach

The aim of the project is to apply a novel molecular method, small-RNA deep-sequencing in the detection of viruses and viroids in imported ornamentals and in domestic nuclear stocks maintained for the production of healthy plants for planting. The method used provides an effective solution to the detection of viruses and viroids without advance knowledge of what the sample may contain. The suitability and cost effectiveness of the method for plant health controls and surveys will be evaluated based on the experiences gained in the project.

Research team

Jari Valkonen (University of Helsinki)
Janne Streng (University of Helsinki)
Jaana Laamanen (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Satu Latvala (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Anne Lemmetty (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Salla Hannunen (Evira)
Jukka Tegel (Evira)
Mirkka Soukainen (Evira)



Project funding

Development Fund Agricultural and Forestry (MAKERA), University of Helsinki, Natural Resources Institute Finland and Evira

Further information

Salla Hannunen, salla.hannunen@foodauthority.fi

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