Enhancing greenhouse producers’ ability to manage risks of quarantine pests

The aim of the project is to improve greenhouse producers’ ability to prevent the spread of quarantine pests and find possible infestations as early as possible. The project is to develop a protocol that will help producers avoid the plant species that pose a particularly high risk to their place of production. The project will also provide information and training on survey and identification methods of quarantine pests and on the economic consequences of quarantine pest infestations.

Research team

Jyrki Jalkanen (Kauppapuutarhaliitto ry)
Hanna Mononen (Kauppapuutarhaliitto ry)
Niina Kangas (Kauppapuutarhaliitto ry)
Lotta Kaila (Evira)
Salla Hannunen (Evira)
Irene Vänninen (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Isa Lindqvist (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Anne Lemmetty (Natural Resources Institute Finland)


2013 - 2014

Project funding

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Natural Resources Institute Finland, the Finnish greenhouse producers’ association Kauppapuutarhaliitto ry and Evira

Further information

Salla Hannunen, salla.hannunen@foodauthority.fi


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