Enhancing the landscaping sector’s ability to manage the risks of quarantine pests

The aim of the project is to develop the pest risk management capacity in the landscaping sector. This will be done a) through guided innovation processes, b) by studying the occurrence of quarantine pests and diseases in plant material and the usefulness of keeping imported plants in quarantine, and c) by identifying places that are the most likely introductory points for quarantine pests that arrive in wooden packing material.

Research team

Mariela Marinova-Todorova (Evira)
Salla Hannunen (Evira)
Esa Poutanen (Evira)
Hanna Huitu (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Irene Vänninen (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Anne Uimari (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Jarkko Hantula (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Minttu Mattila (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Taina Pennanen (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Jyri Uimonen (Viherympäristöliitto)
Seppo Närhi (Viherympäristöliitto)


2014 - 2015


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Natural Resources Institute Finland and Evira

Further information

Salla Hannunen, salla.hannunen@foodauthority.fi

Project publications

Hannunen S and Marinova-Todorova M (2016) Pest Risk Assessment for Dutch elm disease. Evira Research Reports 1/2016, 106 pp. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.851809

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