Pine wood nematode survey planning

The aim of project is to develop the statistical analysis and planning of the official pine wood nematode surveys conducted in Finland. First, we will assess the probability of freedom from pine wood nematode achieved in the annual surveys carried out since 2000. Then, we will prepare a risk based survey plan that fulfills the requirements laid down in the new EU plant health law (2016/2031). In addition, we will assess the suitability of the climate in Finland for the pine wild disase symptoms to appear. 

Project group

  • Salla Hannunen (Finnish Food Authority)
  • Juha Tuomola (Finnish Food Authority)
  • Hanna Huitu (Luke)


2018 - 2022


Finnish Food Authority

Project deliverables

Hannunen S, Tuomola J (2020) Assessing the probability of freedom from pine wood nematode based on 19 years of surveys. NeoBiota 58: 75-106.

Tuomola J, Gruffudd H, Ruosteenoja K, Hannunen S (2021) Could Pine Wood Nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) Cause Pine Wilt Disease or Even Establish inside Healthy Trees in Finland Now—Or Ever? Forests 12: 1679. 

Hannunen S, Tuomola J (2020) FinnSURV-Assess PWN - A tool for assessing the confidence in pest freedom gained in official pine wood nematode surveys (Version 1.0). Zenodo.

Hannunen S, Tuomola J (2020) Data on the Finnish pine wood nematode surveys 2000-2018 [Data set]. Zenodo.

More information

Senior reseacher, Ph.D, Salla Hannunen,



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