The suitability of Finnish climate for the establishment of priority and emergency measures pests

The European Commission has established a list of 20 priority pests, whose economic, environmental and social impact in the EU is considered the most severe (Commission Delegated regulation (EU) 2019/1702). In addition, the commission has active emergency measures for several pests.

For some of the priority and emergency measures pests, the likelihood of establishment in Finland or parts of Finland is currently highly uncertain due to potentially unsuitable ecoclimatic conditions. The Risk Assessment Unit of the Finnish Food Authority was requested to assess the suitability of the present Finnish climate for the establishment of these pests.

The assessments are conducted based on literature reviews. In some case the assessment may require modelling the suitability of climate for the establishment. The potential need to model the suitability of climate and the appropriate methods for modelling are evaluated based on the literature review.

Project group

  • Juha Tuomola (Ruokavirasto)
  • Salla Hannunen (Ruokavirasto)


2021 - 2026


Finnish Food Authority

Project deliverables

Tuomola J, Gruffudd H, Ruosteenoja K, Hannunen S (2021) Could Pine Wood Nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) Cause Pine Wilt Disease or Even Establish inside Healthy Trees in Finland Now—Or Ever? Forests 12: 1679. 

Tuomola J & Hannunen S (2022) Where is the northern limit of the potential range of citrus longhorn beetle (Anoplophora chinensis) in EU based on climate suitability? XXVI International Congress of Entomology Helsinki, Finland, July 17-22, 2022. Book of Abstracts. p. 822

Tuomola J & Hannunen S (2023). Assessment of the suitability of Finnish climate for the establishment of Fusarium circinatum Nirenberg & O’Donnell. Finnish Food Authority, Reseach Reports 3/2023. ISBN PDF 978-952-358-049-7.

Tuomola J & Hannunen S (2024) Assessment of the suitability of the Finnish climate for Popillia japonica. Finnish Food Authority, Reseach Reports 3/2024. ISBN PDF 978-952-358-059-6. 

Rosace MCBjörklund NBoberg JBradshaw CDCamac JDamus M,  Kompas T, Li C, MacLeod A, Maggini R, Rossi E, Szyniszewska A, Tuomola J & Gardi C (2024Including climate change in pest risk assessment: Current practices and perspectives for future implementation. EPPO Bulletin, 54(Suppl. 1)5272. Available from:

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