The suitability of the Finnish climate for fire blight epidemics

he aim of this project was to evaluate the suitability of the Finnish climate for apple blossom blight infections by Erwinia amylovora. This was done using epidemiological models developed for predicting fire blight epidemics and symptom development. The results can be used for assessing the risk of fire blight in Finland and for targeting the yearly official surveys that aim for early detection of possible introductions.

Research team

Mariela Marinova-Todorova (Evira)
Salla Hannunen (Evira)


2013 - 2014



Further information

Salla Hannunen,

Project publications

Marinova-Todorova M, Ranta J,  Hannunen, S (2015) The suitability of Finnish climate for fire blight (Erwinia amylovora) epidemics on apple. Agricultural and Food Science 24(1): 59-66.

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