Risk ranking of quarantine pests using a FinnPRIO model

In this project FinnPRIO assessments of all quarantine pests and all previously assessed pests in the Finnish Food Authority will be updated.  The assessed pest risks will be ranked using a pairwise stochastic dominance rule and a hypervolume indicator. The results of the project can be used to target pest risk management activities in Finland.

Project group

  • Juha Tuomola (Finnish Food Authority, Risk Assessment Unit)
  • Salla Hannunen (Finnish Food Authority, Risk Assessment Unit)
  • Kati Lankinen (Finnish Food Authority, contact person in the Plant Health Unit)

Time table


Project funding

Finnish Food Authority

Project publications

Marinova-Todorova M, Tuomola J & Hannunen S (2022) FinnPRIO-Explorer - A tool for examining assessments made with the FinnPRIO model. Finnish Food Authority, Helsinki, Finland. Available at https://finnprio-explorer.rahtiapp.fi/doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7016771

More information

Juha Tuomola juha.tuomola@ruokavirasto.fi


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