Test for rabies antibodies


Rabies antibodies are tested in the Finnish Food Authority, virology unit. The sample (whole blood or serum) may not contain any anticoagulants. If it is foreseen that the sample may be on its way for several days it is recommended that serum sample is sent instead of whole blood. Food Authority aims to send the test results within two weeks to the sender.

A result of 0.5 or > 0.5 indicates an acceptable rabies antibody level and the animal can be exported if other requirements for export are fulfilled. Result of < 0.5 indicates that the animal does not have sufficient antibody level required for export.

Sending the sample

Samples from outside the European Union can only be sent using courier services. All shipping costs should be paid by the sender. Samples from Finland can be sent via mail.

The test tube should be carefully closed and packed so that it will not break during transportation.

The cost of the analysis cannot be paid in advance. The payment is done according to information on the invoice and the invoice number must be used as a reference. The invoice will not be in the same envelope as the certificate of analysis because it will be sent separately to the address mentioned in the submission form. The invoice can also be sent via e-mail when requested.

Submission form (pdf)

The address for sending the sample is

Finnish Food Authority
Virology Unit
Mustialankatu 3
FI-00790 Helsinki

Page last updated 2/17/2021