Animal by-products for research and educational purposes

Any operator of animal by-products and derived products for diagnostic, educational and research purposes must be registered by the Finnish Food Authority in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009. Operators handling or disposing research and diagnostic samples for educational purposes will not need to be registered (Article 20 of the Implementing Regulation 142/2011 and § 33 of the Animal By-Products Act 517/2015).

Applications for registration can be submitted to the Finnish Food Authority using the electronic Webropol registration form.

Registered operators are given a registration number and added in the list of approved or registered ABP-plants upheld by the Finnish Food Authority.

Operators shall take all necessary precautions concerning the treatment of animal by-products or derived products to prevent spreading of diseases transmissible to humans or animals. Requirements for disposal of samples are stated in Annex VI of the Implementing Regulation 142/2011.

Operators that handle research and diagnostic samples shall keep a register of consignments of such samples. The register shall include the date and method of disposal of the samples.

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Page last updated 5/23/2023