Authorization as a veterinarian

Finnish Food Authority authorizes veterinarians in Finland. Authorization can be applied from the Food Authority with a free-form application, and the decision on the application carries a fee. A person authorized as a veterinarian is entered in the national veterinary register maintained by the Food Authority for supervision.

Authorization as a veterinarian may require compensatory procedures or additional studies in some situations. A decision regarding those additional measures also carries a fee. In some situations, authorization may require sufficient skills in Finnish or Swedish language.

Instructions for those applying for authorization as a veterinarian have been compiled on this website. The instructions are divided according to whether a veterinary degree has been completed and a veterinary qualification obtained

  • in Finland,
  • in another EU or EEA country other than Finland, or
  • outside of EU and EEA, i.e., third country

Please read the instructions carefully. The processing of the case will be sped up if all the required attachments have been properly attached to the application.

Page last updated 7/7/2023