Labelling requirements in a nutshell

Are you planning on starting a food production operation and need help with product labelling? Are you unsure of what information to include in product labelling? Are you having trouble with recipe calculations? This page contains instructions on what information to include in your food product labelling.

Learn about labelling with the online training course

The online training course dives into the world of food labelling. After completing the course, you will know the types of labelling required for your foods and what to include in labelling. You will also learn how what information to provide on non-packaged foods. In addition, the course contains plenty of practical examples and exercises. Among other things, you will learn how to use a recipe to write lists of ingredients and nutritional values.

The online training course is aimed especially at food industry operators and students, but everyone is welcome to take the course to increase their knowledge. The course does not require registration.

You can also read the instructions from our written guide

The content of the guide is identical to that of the online training course and is divided into several sections. Below, you can view and print the entire guide or sections of it.

The entire guide (pdf)

Sections of the guide:

Page last updated 10/7/2020