List of Hygiene Passport Examiners

Finnish Food Authority maintains a register on Hygiene Passport Examiners authorised by Finnish Food Authority and which currently has around 1300 people (1). Based on the register, Finnish Food Authority's publishes a list of Hygiene Passport Examiners authorised by Finnish Food Authority and their contact data on its website. The list contains personal data. Publishing is based on the unambiguous consent to the same by each Hygiene Passport Examiner (2).

Note! The list of the Hygiene Passport Examiners will be cleared of information at the beginning of June. From June 10, 2024, the list will be supplemented with examiners who want to publish their contact information in the list.

The list being published contains contact and other personal data and may only be used for contacting in matters related to Hygiene Passports. Thus, the personal data in the list may not be used in direct marketing, for example.

The list of Hygiene Passport Examiners

Hygiene Passport Examiners authorized by Finnish Food Authority and independently operating throughout Finland arrange Hygiene Passport tests and issue Hygiene Passports. The list is organized by zip code from smallest to largest.

Different Languages?

All Hygiene Passport Examiners authorised by Finnish Food Authority are entitled to arrange normal Hygiene Passport tests as well as tests in special situations. All Hygiene Passport tests are taken in a test venue supervised by a Hygiene Passport Examiner. All candidates take the test independently. The answers are given in writing on the Finnish Food Authority’s test form in Finnish, Swedish or English.

There are many different types of special situation tests. One way to organize a special situation test is for the tester to translate the test statements into another language. Here is  a separate list (pdf) of The Hygiene Passport Examiners who have also wanted to advertise that they organize special situation tests where they translate test statements into different languages.


1 Food Act section 79 sub-section 4 paragraph 1 and section 80 subsection 4.

2 General Data Protection Regulation (EU) article 6 section 1 subsection a

Page last updated 7/9/2024