The hygiene Passport will change in June - full name and social security number on the Passport

May 17/2024

From June 10, 2024, the Hygiene Passport examiners approved by the Food Authority will issue Hygiene Passports with your full name and Finnish personal identification number. If the person does not have a Finnish personal identification number, a Hygiene Passport with the full name and date of birth will be issued.

You can get a Hygiene Passport if you pass the Hygiene Passport test or are entitled to re-order a Hygiene Passport. The Hygiene Passport Examiner can make a re-order if the Passport is lost, for example.

If the person has completed or is completing the Hygiene Passport test before 10 June 2024, a Hygiene Passport will be issued with the name and date of birth. There may be a delay in receiving Hygiene Passports ordered in May-June due to an update of the Hygiene Passport system.

In work tasks in the food industry, an employee must know how to handle food safely and hygienically. A person must have a Hygiene Passport if he works in a food premises and handles unpackaged perishable foodstuffs.

More information about the Hygiene Passport