Consumer possibilities to reduce PAH intake

PAHs, or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,  may occur in particular in products that have been smoked, roasted, barbecued or dried. The consumer can reduce PAH intake by eating a balanced, varied and moderate diet. The amount of PAHs can be further reduced by considering the following points in home smoking and barbecuing:

  • Do not use cones, resinous or treated wood for barbecuing or smoking.
  • Use lighting fluid as directed.
  • Keep utensils and equipment used for smoking or barbecuing clean.
  • Prevent grease or other compounds from the products being smoked or barbecued from spilling onto the wood or charcoal being burnt.
  • Avoid burning and over-frying products; black is usually a sign of the formation of PAHs. If necessary, adjust the height of the barbecue rack and/or select the right time to start barbecuing. For example, barbecue charcoal is best suited for barbecuing when dripping liquid on them no longer causes them to burst into flames.
Page last updated 1/11/2023