The Finnish Food Authority withdraws its recommendation concerning the import of dogs from Norway

September 25/2019

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has reported severe bloody diarrhoea in several dogs in Norway. No similar clustering of dog disease cases in a particular locality or area has been detected in Finland. The Finnish Food Authority withdraws its recommendation according to which dogs should not be imported from Norway to Finland or exported from Finland to Norway.

According to the Norwegian authority, the number of cases appears to have been declining over the past few days. Thus far (25 September 2019), based on the data obtained from background surveys, the disease is not considered to be very contagious from dog to dog. A number of known pathogens have been excluded by research, and for the time being, no clear single cause or connecting background factors have been established for the cases of disease.

Further information:
Senior Inspector Virva Valle, travel regulations
+358 40 489 3359
Senior Researcher Outi Simola, pathological veterinary research of pets
+358 50 462 7862, available as of 30 September 2019

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