Laboratory analyses of seed potato

Seed laboratory tests official seed potato samples submitted for certification to ensure that the seed lots fulfill the requirements of seed legislation. The tuber samples from seed potato cultivations are tested for viruses PVY (prebasic and basic seed seed) and PVA, PVS, PVM,  PVX, PLRV (prebasic seed), potato ring rot and potato brown rot (all seed classes). Soil samples are analysed for potato cyst nematodes before cultivation.

The process of seed potato inspection includes also field inspection, and tuber inspection of sorted seed potato lots. The cultivations and seed potato lots must be free from Union quarantine pests and meet the tolerances specified for other pest and diseases in the Finnish Seed Potato Act 392/2020.

The laboratory does advisory tests only for potato cyst nematodes from soil samples.

Seed potato analyses of Finnish Food Authority are accredited by Finas. The scope of accreditation is described in the Finas website.

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Page last updated 2/20/2024