WOAH Reference Laboratory for Crayfish plague

Reference Laboratories of WOAH shall have as their principal mandate to function as a centre of expertise and standardisation for a designated disease(s) or topics

  • To store and distribute to national laboratories biological reference products and any other reagents used in the diagnosis and control of the designated disease(s) or topics.
  • To develop new procedures for diagnosis and control of the designated disease(s) or topics.
  • To gather, process, analyse and disseminate epizootiological data relevant to their speciality.
  • To place expert consultants at the disposal of the WOAH.

They may also contribute to

  • Provision of scientific and technical training for personnel from WOAH Member Countries and Territories.
  • Provision of diagnostic testing facilities to WOAH Member Countries and Territories: In the case of results that are confirmed positive for diseases that are reportable to WOAH, the Reference Laboratory should immediately inform the WOAH Delegate of the Member Country or Territory from which the samples originated as well as the WOAH Headquarters.
  • Organisation of scientific meetings on behalf of the WOAH.
  • Coordination of scientific and technical studies in collaboration with other laboratories or organisations.
  • Publication and dissemination of any information in their sphere of competence that may be useful to WOAH Members.

About the reference laboratory for crayfish plague

Finnish Food Authority Kuopio was designated as WOAH Reference Laboratory for Crayfish plague (Aphanomyces astaci) in the General Session of OIE in May 2009, with Satu Viljamaa-Dirks as the designated Reference Expert.

Finnish Food Athority Kuopio can assist in

  • Diagnosis of acute crayfish plague epidemics from live, frozen or in ethanol preserved samples.
  • Confirmation and genotype grouping of isolates of suspected A. astaci training on culture based or molecular diagnostic methods.
  • Reference DNA and reference strains of A. astaci.
  • Consultation about crayfish plague epidemiology.

Please contact us for detailed agreement of services. 

Contact information:

WOAH Reference laboratory for crayfish plague
Satu Viljamaa-Dirks
Finnish Food Authority  
Kuopio laboratory 
Neulaniementie 4 
FI-70210 Kuopio
Finland tel +358 447 201 469 



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