Qualitative risk assessment

In 2002, a qualitative assessment was made of the risk of classic swine fever in Finland. The work was funded by the Development Fund Agriculture and Forestry (MAKERA) as part of a project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and EELA entitled “Animal Diseases in Finland.” The assessment included the risk of classic swine fever release into Finland in circumstances corresponding to those in 1998 to 2000. The project also included an assessment of the efficacy of risk management measures of different paths of release (trade in live animals, semen and internal market trade as well as site visits to pig houses). Additionally, the risk of spread in Finland before detection of disease in the circumstances prevailing in 2001 was assessed. Data for the assessment was gathered through surveys and expert opinions. The project was completed in 2002.

Research group

Heidi Rosengren (EELA/Evira)
Eero Rautiainen EELA/Evira)
Tapani Lyytikäinen (EELA/Evira)
Riitta Maijala (EELA/Evira)


Development Fund Agriculture and Forestry (MAKERA), EELA

Project publications


Rosengren H., Rautiainen E., Lyytikäinen T. & Maijala R. 2002. Kuvaileva riskinarviointi klassisen sikaruton leviämisestä Suomeen ja Suomessa [Descriptive risk assessment of the spread of classic swine fever into and within Finland]. EELA reports 06/2002. (EELA), Helsinki. 2002. Kirjapaino Snellman, 94 pages.
Scientific publications and papers
Rosengren H. 2003. Introduction to risk assessment related to Animal Movement and Transport. Abstract. 17th NKVet symposium, 27-28th November 2003, Hanasaari, Finland p. 8-9.
Other publications and papers
Rautiainen, E., Rosengren, H., Lyytikäinen, T. & Maijala R. 2002. Riskinarviointi auttaa tautien torjuntaa. Sika, 2002, 4.
Rosengren H., Rautiainen, E., Lyytikäinen, T., Raulo, S. & Maijala, R. 2002. Sikarutto on pieni riski Suomelle. Kaari, 2002, 5, s. 20-21. (in Finnish).