Perspectives on poultry meat production in Finland

The main goal of the project was to produce information that can be used to improve the profitability of poultry production and promote the consumption of Finnish products. The project consisted of five interrelated subprojects, each of which examined one of the various subareas of the Finnish poultry meat chain.

Evira's part of the project focused on describing the structure of disease risk management, identifying poultry diseases and zoonoses important for the Finnish poultry sector and on examining the structure and distribution of costs along the poultry chain. The farm-level cost of biosecurity during a disease free period was also investigated.

Research group

Maija Puurunen (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Katri Jakosuo (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Sari Forsman-Hugg (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Eija Pouta (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Jaana Paananen (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Sami Ovaska (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Jaakko Heikkilä (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Heikki Lehtonen (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Liu Xing, (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Jarmo Valaja (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Eija Venäläinen (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
Johanna Mäkelä (National Consumer Research Centre)
Merja Isoniemi (National Consumer Research Centre)
Heidi Rosengren (Evira)
Niina Tammiranta (Evira)
Kirsi-Maarit Siekkinen (Evira)
Antti Simola (University of Helsinki)


2006 - 2007


Development Fund Agriculture and Forestry (MAKERA), Evira

Further information

Kirsi-Maarit Siekkinen,

Project publications


Rosengren H., Heikkilä J., Siekkinen K-M., Tammiranta N. 2008. Siipikarjalihan tuotannon bioturvallisuus ja sen taloudelliset vaikutukset. In: Perspectives on poultry meat production in Finland: competitiveness, consumption and trade. Agrifood Research Finland, Research reports. Forsman-Hugg S & Turunen H. (ed), Agrifood Research Finland, Helsinki. ISBN 978-952-487-178-5. p. 44-66.

Scientific publications and papers

Rosengren H. Heikkilä J. Siekkinen K ja Tammiranta N. 2008. Newcastlen taudin eteneminen, bioturvallisuus ja vaikutukset siipikarjanlihan tuotannossa. Abstract. Maataloustieteen päivät 10-11.1.2008, Helsinki. (in Finnish).

Other publications and papers

Rosengren H., Heikkilä J., Siekkinen K-M., Tammiranta N. 2008. Tautisuojaus on silkkaa säästöä. Suomen siipikarja 3:08. Suomen Siipikarjaliitto ry, Jokioinen. (in Finnish).