Representativeness of the monitoring programmes of certain swine diseases during 2008-2009

In Finland there is statutory surveillance of several swine diseases. We have studied the representativeness of the control programs for AD, TGE and PRRS. These diseases are not at the moment present in Finland and moreover Finland has additional guaranties in the EU for AD and TGE. The control programs are based approximately on 1000 yearly blood samples that are taken from sows in the slaughterhouses.

Surveillance of the studied diseases in Finland has been implemented as planned during the studied years 2008 - 2009. The results reveal that the control programs are most sensitive to detect PRRS and least sensitive to detect TGE.

One year of surveillance is enough to demonstrate that the diseases have not been endemic in Finland, but it is not enough to prove freedom from disease. To be able to more effectively prove freedom from disease it is necessary to combine the results from the control program with passive surveillance and take into consideration the risk of entry of the diseases into the country.

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Tapani Lyytikäinen
Leena Sahlström
Jonna Kyyrö

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Emakoiden AD-, TGE- ja PRRS- seurantaohjelmien edustavuuden arviointi (English abstract) Evira Research Reports 1/2012