Risk profile of the spread of VHS fish disease to inland waterways

VHS fish disease is an animal disease which needs to be controlled and which is currently found on fish farms in Åland. A VHS control programme approved by the EU is currently underway in Åland. Fish farms in the interior of Finland are still free of VHS infections and they supply fry to fish farms in Åland.

The project charted the structure and operation of the fish farming sector to the extent that it relates to the breeding of food fish in Åland and the Finnish Archipelago. The investigation focused on the transport of fry and the movement of cleaned fish as well as of cleaning and filleting remnants between the sea area and the mainland. In addition, the project examined the placement of inland fish farms in such a way that the effects of possible restricted areas can be predicted.

Research group

Tapani Lyytikäinen (Evira)
Harri Orenius (Evira)
Pia Vennerström (Evira)
Tuija Vehmas (Evira)


The project was completed in 2007.



Project publications


Lyytikäinen T., Vennerström P. & Vehmas T. 2007. Kalojen VHS-taudin sisävesistöihin leviämiseen vaikuttavia tekijöitä ja toimintatapoja, Eviran tutkimuksia 4/2007 (pdf). 65 p. http://www.palvelu.fi/evi/files/55_519_522.pdf (in Finnish, with English abstract)
Other publications
Lyytikäinen T., Vennerström P. & Vehmas T. 2008. Kalojen VHS-tauti ei uhkaa levitä sisävesistöihin, Kaari 1/2008, 28-29 (in Finnish)

Further information

Tapani Lyytikäinen, tapani.lyytikainen@foodauthority.fi