The risk of introducing foreign pathogens with cross-border transport of dogs to Finland

The aim of this study is to investigate what possible pathogens dangerous to human or animal health are carried by dogs entering Finland. The outcome of the project will be a risk assessment on the probability of introducing specific pathogens with dogs entering Finland. The primary objective is to recognize and describe the risks of entry and spread of rabies and Echinococcus multilocularis into the country with dog trade. Additionally, the prevalence of multidrug-resistant bacteria (ESBL and MRSA) in these dogs will be determined. Information offered by this project can be exploited in building awareness on how to import dogs safely, and will therefore benefit Finnish dog/animal population, dog owners and society.


2018 - 2019


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ruokavirasto

Research Group

Pirkko Tuominen (Finnish Food Authority)
Heidi Rossow (Finnish Food Authority)
Suvi Joutsen (Finnish Food Authority)

Project publications

Zoonotic pathogens in imported dogs. Finnish Food Authority Research Reports 2/2019 (pdf)