Cost of the Hygiene Passport

The Hygiene Passport Examiners may charge the clients for the costs pertaining to organising Hygiene Passport tests and issuing Hygiene Passports. The Hygiene Passport Examiners are independent operators and Finnish Food Authority cannot influence individual Hygiene Passport Examiners’ pricing. The Examiner’s compensation, possible rental of premises, possible cost of educational material and other matters unrelated to Finnish Food Authority, and Finnish Food Authority’s charge of 6 €/Hygiene Passport determine the fee the Examiner charges the clients .

Finnish Food Authority charges the Hygiene Passport Examiner a fee in accordance with the valid decree on charges for every hygiene passport ordered. This is currently 6 €/Hygiene Passport. Factors affecting the cost of the Hygiene Passport are for example material and printing costs, postage and maintenance costs for the Hygiene Passport system.

Page last updated 4/21/2021