Proof of identity for a Hygiene Passport test

You will receive your Hygiene Passport if you pass the Hygiene Passport test. The person has to be identified in order to pass a Hygiene Passport test and to receive a Hygiene Passport so that the Hygiene Passport can be issued to the person who performed the test. The tests are organised by Hygiene Passport Examiners approved by Finnish Food Authority, who ensure the identity of the person tested when they hand in the test form to the Examiner.

In conjunction with checking the identification, the Examiner ensures that the name and birthdate are the same on the test form and the ID. It is also the duty of the Examiner to check that the person’s face matches the photo on the ID. For food safety, it is important to ensure that Hygiene Passports are only issued to persons who have passed the test. The Examiner will issue the Hygiene Passport with the name and birthdate that has been written directly by the person who performed the test on the test form.

What forms of identification are accepted?

The following valid, original documents with photo ID are accepted as identification:

  • a Finnish identification card
  • a Finnish passport
  • a Finnish driver’s licence and moped licence
  • a Finnish Kela card (Note! With photo)
  • a foreign ID card
  • a foreign passport
  • an alien’s passport (is only accepted if the alien’s passport does not state that it has not been possible to reliably verify the identity of the holder of the document)
  • a refugee travel document (is only accepted if the travel document of the refugee does not state that it has not been possible to reliably verify the identity of the holder of the document)
  • a document issued by an authority (the Police/the Finnish Border Guard) which contains a copy of the passport, a stamp of the authority and a mention that the passport is held by the authority until further notice. This document can be used temporarily to verify the person’s identity
  • a residence permit and a residence permit card granted by the Finnish Immigration Service for refugees, asylum seekers or other immigrants. 

Which documents are not sufficient to verify my identity?

The following are not valid as identification:

  • a foreign driver’s licence and a moped licence
  • a Kela card without photo
  • a student card (even with a photo)
  • a bus pass (even with a photo)
  • a library card (even with a photo)
  • or other similar document.
Page last updated 7/1/2022